Simulation and Visualization of Flood and Drought Events in Urban Areas


Presagis Inc

Presagis Inc

Presagis is a Montreal-based software company that supplies the top 100 defense and aeronautic companies in the world with simulation and graphics software. Over the last decade, Presagis has built a strong reputation in helping create the complexity of the real world in a virtual one. Their deep understanding of the defense and aeronautic industries combined with expertise in synthetic environments, simulation & visualization, human-machine interfaces, and sensors positions them to meet today’s goals and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. Today, Presagis is heavily investing into the research and innovation of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis. By leveraging their experience and recognizing emerging trends, their pioneering team of experts, former military personnel, and programmers are challenging the status quo and building tomorrow’s technology — today.

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

Immersive and Creative Technologies Lab

The Immersive and Creative Technologies lab was founded in late 2011 and since its establishment it has been focusing on fundamental and applied research in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics, virtual/augmented reality and creative technologies, and their application in a wide range of fields.


People who have worked on the project; sorted according to graduation date where applicable:

Yashas Joshi - PhD

Viktoriya Markutsa - MSc

Sacha Lepretre - Presagis Inc (CTO)

Charalambos Poullis - Concordia (PI)

Research Objectives

Computational Fluid Dynamics

AI-based Fluid

Simulating Floods for Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Countermeasures.

FLOOD research programme



Charalambos Poullis
Immersive and Creative Technologies Lab
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, ER 925,
Montréal, Québec,
Canada, H3G 1M8